Friday, July 27, 2012


facebook (Berita Sehat). Many ways to download videos from youtube. one of them with IDM (Internet Download Manager). But to use it need integration between IDM and Youtube itself. Usually there are files / special software to integrate it. IDM CC is this software. when the software is running fine, then when we open the video in youtube, it will automatically download IDM window appears. But when IDM CC does not run properly due to crashes or is not compatible with the version of firefox or google chrome browser then we will find it hard to download with IDM service rate equivalents. Hence, download the manual with the conventional facilities of the Firefox browser that's what we get. Of course the download speeds are far below the IDM. How to deal with this?

Easy, here's a quick way to download youtube video that idm cc * its error (especially chrome and firefox) / idm will not automatically download from youtube:

1. install idm

2. go to click "install youtube downloader"

3. tabs appear in the Firefox browser window click "allow" > wait until the download is complete

4. open the add on firefox or press ctrl + shift + A > Extensions to open tabs on the left side > click "enable" "WORKING Youtube Downloader"

5. go to youtube website page you want > click the download button below the video > up the page download fire fox

6. click the cross (cancel) the download process > right-click > click "Copy Download Link"

7. open idm > click "Add URL"> click ok > wait for the download is complete

* Idm cc = idm integration file to download a video browser-based

** No. 3 and 4. choose way whic compatible to chrome

hopefully the benefits!

by Abu Umarov Al Mazdabovsky

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